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Global Impact Celebration

Right now we are in the midst of our Global Impact Celebration (GIC).  We began last night with an incredible service that was filled with testimonies of God working in the lives of His people.

One of the most encouraging moments of the evening was hearing Morgan’s story.  She’s twelve hears old.  Last year at our GIC we shared about the incredible need for wells to be dug in India in order that people could have fresh water.  It takes about $700 to dig one well.  When Morgan heard this God began working in her heart and she didn’t sit idly by.

Morgan decided that she would write a letter to close family and friends and ask if they would consider joining her in praying and giving in order to have a well dug in Bahir, India.  It took no time at all before she had raised the $700.  

Imagine, a 12 year old living in Winston-Salem, North Carolina providing fresh water for people to drink in India.

I can’t wait to see how God stretches us through our GIC.  I am praying that God will lead us to take incredible steps of faith!


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