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Jesus: God-Man and the Perfect Sacrifice

I was reading this afternoon in John Stott’s classic The Cross of Christ and thinking about Easter Sunday.  As I read, I was struck by a quote from Anselm regarding the significance of Jesus being both God and man, as well as a quote by Stott speaking of the magnitude of Christ’s sacrifice.  I hope you enjoy them.

“There is no one…who can make this satisfaction except God himself…But no-one ought to make it except man; otherwise man does not make satisfaction.”  Therefore ,”it is necessary that one who is God-man should make it.”

Stott went on to say, “He (Jesus) was and is a unique Person, since in him God the Word and man meet.  He also performed a unique work, for He gave Himself up to death – not as a debt (since He was sinless and therefore under no obligation to die) but freely for the honor of God.  It was also reasonable that man, ‘who by sinning stole himself away from God as completely as he possibly could do so, should in making satisfaction, surrender himself to God as completely as he can do so’, namely by his voluntary self-offering unto death.  Serious as human sin is, yet the life of the God-man was so good, so exalted and so precious that its offering in death ‘outweighs the number and greatness of all sins’ and due reparation has been made to the offended honour of God.”

Thanks be to God for His indescribable Gift!

Happy Easter!


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