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A Study through Jonah

Starting this Sunday, April 19th, we will begin a series of three messages through the book of Jonah.  So during that time, I am going to be writing a series of posts on some of the themes that we see throughout the book.  The ESV Study Bible (which by the way is a great resource and you can purchase it here) lists at least 6 different themes throughout the book.

  1. The boundless compassion of God (Key Theme)
  2. God’s sovereign control over events on earth
  3. God’s determination to get his message to the nations
  4. The need for repentance from self-centeredness and hypocrisy in particular
  5. The need for repentance from sin in general
  6. The full assurance that God will relent when people repent

Here’s the challenge.  As we teach through this series, I want to challenge you to commit to read through the book of Jonah twice per week.  It will only take you 10 minutes.  As you do think about these themes.  If you’ll take this challenge I believe that God will continue to give you a greater picture of the Gospel and His infinite worth.

Finally, as you read through the book, I would love to hear how God is stretching and challenging you.


One comment on “A Study through Jonah

  1. […] in that we are taking a “thematic” approach to the study.  As I stated in an earlier post there are several themes that can be traced through the book, but I believe one of the key themes […]

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