Truett Williams: A True Champion


Truett Williams

Truett Williams

Yesterday I had the privilege of playing 36 holes of golf with some great guys who are great friends.  Now I love to play golf, although I don’t get to play very often.  But yesterday was special.  Not because the weather was spectacular or because the golf course was pretty (although not in very good shape.)  It was special for one reason…we played to celebrate the 50th birthday of Truett Williams.


Truett has been serving as the Student Ministry Pastor at Calvary since 1991 and has been involved in student ministry for almost 30 years (and I pray many more!)  He has a passion for seeing students fall more in love with Jesus Christ and he pours his life into his ministry.  He also has an incredible helpmate in his wife Joannie and twins, Truett and Kaleigh.

Along with impacting countless students and their families, I believe that one of Truett’s legacies is the way that he has invested so faithfully in those who are considering full time ministry.  Over the years he has influenced dozens of young men and women as they considered what God was calling them to.  I have been the fortunate recipient of some of that investment.  

Truett gave me my first ministry opportunity and experience in the fall of 1993 when he allowed me to come and serve under him as an intern working with our middle school and high school students for a year.  As I reflect back on that time I only have the fondest of memories.  And the more I reflect and think about that opportunity the more grateful I am for Truett…his leadership…his example…his influence.

Truett, thanks for letting God use you in such incredible ways!  You are a true champion!

Happy Birthday 50th Birthday and may God bless you with many more!


2 comments on “Truett Williams: A True Champion

  1. Great blogs. Tell Truett congratulations!!

  2. Yeah! I remember the year Truett came, the summer you interned, the summer the twins the born … hard to believe that all started in 1991! Happy Birthday Truett!

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