Your Thoughts on Parenting…

Gospel Centered FamiliesWe had a great start to our series, “Gospel Centered Families” last Sunday at Calvary, both at the central and West Campus.  This Sunday we will continue teaching on how we can center our marriages on the Gospel as we trust in the roles that God has given for both husbands and wives.  Last Sunday night we were also blessed to have Dr. Gary Chapman speak at Calvary West on the significance of loving one another and the five love languages.  We ended our evening service with a time to encourage one another and build community.  It was tremendous.

As we continue our series I want to get some of your feedback.  In a couple of weeks we are going to teach on parenting and our responsibilities as fathers and mothers.  So, here is what I want to know: “What are your greatest struggles and challenges as a parent?”

Secondly, I would love to hear your creative ideas regarding how your family does devotions.  What’s really worked and connected with your kids?  I’d love to share some of your ideas as a part of my messages, so leave your comments, suggestions, and questions.


3 comments on “Your Thoughts on Parenting…

  1. getting a child to listen, understand and do what is being asked. to have them respect you as their parent and not cause you strife or struggle within the family.

  2. “What are your greatest struggles and challenges as a parent?”

    One of the greatest struggles for Milton and I has been knowing how much parental intervention is too much. There is a fine line between offering guidance or protection and stifling independance.

  3. Children should see their parents do a few things:

    1. Love Christ passionately ALL the time
    2. Pray
    3. Have personal Quite Times
    4. Have family devotions….esp Chuck Swindoll 🙂
    5. Love each other and visibly show it all the time


    PS “Don’t spare the rod”

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