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Exciting Times at Calvary West

It’s hard at times to express in words exactly what you peCalvary Westrceive is going on around you.  But let me take a shot regarding our start of Calvary West.

Four weeks ago on Mother’s Day, after months of planning and preparation, Calvary launched its first “second campus” referred to as Calvary West.  It’s strategically located in Davie County which is the fastest growing county in the Triad.  Let me share with you some of the things that have really encouraged me as we have launched this venture:

  1. Willingness to serve and lead:  People have been coming out of the woodwork to volunteer and make this happen.  As you can imagine, it takes an army of people, and we have some incredible volunteers.  From Bible Fellowship teachers, to preschool volunteers, to a stellar hospitality and parking team (led by Danny Menser)…I have simply been blown away by their willingess and pursuit of excellence.
  2. Worship:  It never ceases to amaze me at the quality of musicians and vocalists that lead us each week.  There has been such great freedom to worship as they have sought to lead us to see the glory and majesty of Christ through music.  Lee Chewning has done a wonderful job of preparing them and leading them each week, and we are blessed to have him leading this venture.
  3. Staff:  God has led us to some young men and women that are working diligently to serve the people at Calvary West.  I am so profoundly grateful for Dawn Christian (preschool), Eric Barbour (children), Ryan Showalter (students), Joel Branscomb (pastoral intern) and Matt Capps (adults and connections).  They are working extremely hard to ensure that the Gospel is proclaimed and God is glorified through each area of ministry.  It is a privilege working with them.
  4. Attendances:  The attendance in our worship service and Bible Fellowship classes have been really encouraging.  This week we had our largest attendance with well over 600 people!  We also had 12 families join and attend our New Members Orientation. 

As we reflect on that let me share with you some ways that you can be praying specifically for Calvary West:

  • Additional leaders: With the growth that we have experienced we are constantly looking for new volunteers and leaders within our age graded ministries.  Pray that God would continue to raise up leaders who are passionate about serving Christ.
  • Mission Winston-Salem: With lots of new people in attendance we want to make sure that we adequately and effectively share the vision that we have of serving our community and meeting the needs that exist.  Pray for people to catch the vision for Love Winston-Salem and Mission Winston-Salem.  You can check out the Love Winston-Salem website here.
  • Connecting through Bible Fellowship: We believe  it is so important for people to the church through our small group ministry.  Pray that those new to the church will make strong connections through the classes that are being led.  Pray for our Bible Fellowship teachers as they teach God’s word and minister to those in their classes.

I believe that God is at work in our church…at both campuses!  This is an exciting time and I look forward each week to our times together and the privilege of sharing life with the community of believers at Calvary.


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