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An Eye Opening Experience

I apologize for not updating the blog lately.  My schedule has been turned upside down a little over the last couple of weeks and I just haven’t found the time to write.  Hopefully that will change.

I wanted to take a chance to share a little about my recent trip to India.  It was both eye opening and life changing.  I was part of a team of 14 people that traveled to Calcutta (Kolkata) for an 8 day journey that proved to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.  India 4

While there we had the opportunity to experience one of the most unique cultures that I have ever been in.  From the poverty and homeless, to the sickness and hunger, to the beautiful people and breathtaking views, it was really quite astonishing.  India 3

But most importantly we had the privilege of joining with others believers in the furthering of the kingdom.  We had the opportunity to go into remote villages and share the Gospel while seeking to address the very real physical needs that exist.  We had a phenomenal team of physicians and nurses who cared for the hurting, both young and old.  And along with that, I had the privilege of walking beside some folks who have a unique gifting and ability to adapt to different cultures while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  Each day we saw several who committed their lives to Christ for the very first time!  AMAZING!India 2


India 1Among the many incredible experiences I had, two really stuck out in my mind.  The first took place last Tuesday as we boarded what looked like a first century fishing boat on the Bay of Bengal.  A small group of us headed out to find a village where the Gospel had been moving.  After traveling about an hour in a heavy rain we arrived, soaking wet, at the village.  And while on the boat we watched as 15 men and women trecked through the mud in order to be baptized and identify themselves as followers of Christ.  You can watch part of the service  here from a video that we captured from the boat.  UNBELIEVABLY COOL!

The second experience that really gripped me was the opportunity we had to train indigenous church planters.  We were asked to come in and teach some very basic Biblical principles ranging from personal holiness/integrity to stewardship to marriage and the family.  The principles we taught would then be shared with the churches and fellowships that these faithful men and women were leading.  Their commitment to Christ and passion to see the Gospel move forward in spite of the personal cost to them was inspiring, convicting and challenging!

Let’s pray for India…the people…the movement of the Gospel…the church planters…that God might be glorified!


One comment on “An Eye Opening Experience

  1. Boss,

    I have thoroughly enjoyed following the journey of the team. Even though alot of us could not be there, we prayed continually for the team and for the people of India that are physically and spiritually hungry and thirsty for Jesus. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus!

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