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A Question on Suffering

Ok…first let me apologize for not updating my blog sooner.  It’s been quite a while and I hope that there will not be such length between posts from this moment forward.

I’ve been thinking alot about suffering over the last couple of weeks in preparation for a message that I am going to be sharing tomorrow with our church (Elevate and Calvary West).  We see throughout the Scriptures that suffering happens for a variety of reasons.  We see suffering that results from persecution…we see suffering that results from our sin and God’s discipline in our lives…and we see accounts of suffering where at the time there seems to be no reason.

Regardless of the reason, we know that as followers of Christ we will experience suffering, as many of us can contest.

So here is my question  (and I know that it will require some vulnerability): “When was the time in your life when you felt/or feel you have suffered the most?  And what were the circumstances that surrounded this occassion?”

You don’t have to leave your name!  You can be totally anonymous.  I am just curious to hear from you and the challenges that you have faced.  And over the next few days I am going to be posting some additional thoughts suffering and how it impacts our lives.

Thanks in advance!


One comment on “A Question on Suffering

  1. Will, you ask a challenging question. When have we suffered the most and what were the circumstances. How does one understand a measure of suffering? I think it best to realize that the ultimate on the “yard stick of suffering” would have to be what our Lord felt and endured on the cross as the burden of all eternity’s sin was placed upon Him. While we know that regardless of that action, His form, substance, and identity never changed, nor does ours when we are His. We must also recognize that sin and disobedience are not always the catalyst for suffering, but can be directly proportional to the degree of suffering. God chastens those He loves, and He does it for their benefit as well as His glory. I’ve suffered through the loss of an unborn child through abortion as a result of disobedience. I’ve suffered through the pain of lost love. I’ve suffered through the agony of a child with a birth defect and surgery. I’ve suffered through the guilt of emotional adultery. I’ve suffered through the loss of Christian friends, abandonment, and rejection. I’ve suffered through the loss of income and worldly possessions. Throughout this suffering I have found one constant, God’s love for me and His patience and faithfulness to bring me closer to Him. While the pain is real and the trials sometimes unbearable, His unending love and forgiveness supersede all, and just as metal in a trial by fire, I become pliable and ultimately stronger, sturdier with a shine that hopefully reflects His unending love and forgiveness and hope towards this world. We love you man!

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