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Musings from the Catalyst Conference – Pt. 4

What a great ending to an incredible day at the Catalyst Conference.

The afternoon session ended with an incredible message from Matt Chandler.  God really has His hand on MC’s life.  He is a phenomenal communicator but more importantly he passionately communicates not his own ideas, but the riches of the Scriptures. He gave a challenging message from Hebrews 11 and 12, one that I won’t soon forget.  We are, as MC reminded us, a part of God’s plan for seeing the nations worship Him!  Thanks Matt.

The night ended with a message from Francis Chan and communion.  FC read scripture over us and encouraged us to think back over our salvation and what Jesus has done for us and in us.  It was a simple and unbelievably powerful word.  We were led in worship by Aaron Keys.  It was so rich!  There is just something beautiful about listening to 12,000 people lifting up their voices to the King of Kings.  I think it was a little taste of heaven.

Well the day is done and I can’t wait for tomorrow!


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