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Musings from the Catalyst Conference – Pt.5

This morning began with an excellent message from Priscilla Shirer who is the daughter of Dr. Tony Evans.  By the way, one of the funnier moments of the conference, was when Dave Ramsey (who spoke immediately after her) kept calling her Phyllis!  What was making it even funnier is that he was using her as an illustration of what it means to “focus”.  I digress.

Her message was from Joshua 3 and she shared some leadership principles from Joshua’s life.  Her four main points were:

  1. Joshua acted immediately when God called him to action.
  2. Joshua acted fearlessly.
  3. Joshua acknowledged the presence of God.
  4. Joshua anticipated God’s miracles.

As she spoke you could really sense her passion and desire to honor Christ with both her words and her life.  It was a great joy listening to her.

We then heard from Dave Ramsey, who is well known for his radio show, books, and finance show on Fox Business Channel. DR spoke on what he calls the “Momentum Theorem” which is “Focused Intensity, over Time, multiplied by God, equals Unstoppable Momentum!”  There were challenging aspects, but I think that we must be careful that we don’t communicate that “Hard work = God’s blessing” (as the world considers blessing).  Just a thought.

Preparing now to hear from Chuck Swindoll.  Pretty excited about that!


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