Hard Questions…

I need your help!  I will be leading a series in 2010 on Sunday evenings at our church for several weeks. The goal of the series is to try and answer some of the difficult questions people ask concerning God, Christianity and their faith.

Questions like:

  • How can a loving God send people to hell?
  • Where is God in the midst of my crisis and tragedy?
  • How can I discern the will of God?
  • What is calvininsm?

Here is where I would love to have your help and feedback.  I want to do my best to answer the questions that you have so I’d love it if you would take a moment and jot down a question you would really like an answer to.  I will also make sure to post my thoughts/teaching outlines on my blog.

Thanks for your help!


6 comments on “Hard Questions…

  1. Thank you, Pastor Will for allowing us the opportunity to offer these questions. I am not sure how to phrase this exactly, so maybe you can shorten it somehow. I have always wondered why it is that human beings have been given one eternal timeline. In short, we have the period from now through the eternal reign. Well, God obviously could delay the process and allow more souls the opportunity to be reconciled and added to the Kingdom. However, once this time is over, Revelation and other books are clear that there is no more free will and also no more created beings that can choose to love Him. Does that make sense? I hope so. Please let me know if I can clarify this. Thanks, Scott Crawford
    PS I still look forward to having you join our BFC for some fellowship 🙂

  2. Does the Gospel include the promise of everlasting happiness?

    If so, then what is the motivation for the believer in this life to live in pursuit of holiness?


  3. If God, being perfectly holy, cannot be in the presence of sin, how are we to understand that Satan was in heaven talking with God about Job?

  4. Why is our religion true the one true religion?

  5. In Luke where it says that Christ grew in knowledge and wisdom, how could that be? How could He, being fully God, grow?

    In Phillipians 2, what did Christ give up and how did that work?

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