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Haiti Trip: Prayer Request

Here is an email that I received from Julie Barney.  Julie is preparing to go to Haiti on Thursday.  Julie, her sister Linda, and the team they will be traveling with have an incredible opportunity to meet very real needs.  Let’s keep them in our prayers.  Here is Julie’s email:

“Dear Praying Friends….

Oooohh do I have a story to tell…  God is so amazing how he orchestrates the details of our lives!!  I will save the details for our next gathering, but the short of it is that I am leaving for Haiti Thursday!  I am beyond humbled that God would call me and that I have the opportunity to share His love during this time of great need.  Linda (my sister) and I will be traveling together to Santo Domingo on Thursday and then proceed into Haiti by bus on Friday.  We will be going with the NC Baptist Men and staying about 7 miles north of Port-Au-Prince in the Global Missions Compound.  We will travel to different hospitals each day.  My request for each of you would be that:

  • God would provide for the needs of my family as I am leaving rather quickly and may not be able to plan as I was able to this summer for India
  • God would use me for His Glory to meet the physical needs of the Haitians
  • God would give me opportunities in all facets of this trip to speak of the hope, peace, and forgiveness I have received in Christ Jesus. 

Thank you all so much for your love and support of me, my twin, and our families. 

By His grace,

Julie B “

Please don’t forget to also pray for Danny Menser who has been in Haiti for almost 11 days.  He is traveling home on Thursday.


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