Update on our son Alex

Some of you know we have been dealing with some developmental delays with our son Alex that have had us concerned over the last several months.  Alex is a little over two years old and is delayed in his speech (no words) and has also exhibited social and behavioral delays.  This past Thursday we had an appointment with Dr. Kurt Klinepeter who is one of the leading child development pediatricians here in Winston-Salem.

Alex at the beach / Summer 2010

After spending time observing Alex and asking us a battery of questions regarding Alex’s communication, behavior, and social interaction, he did confirm that Alex does indeed fall into the Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Although this wasn’t the news that Julie and I were hoping to hear, it is nonetheless where we are.  And where we are is hopeful.  Dr. Klinepeter assured us that there was no reason to think that over time his autism may become “indistinguishable.”  Which of course we believe will be the case.

Alex has many positive behaviors/characteristics that don’t necessarily follow the typical symptoms of autism, however in the doctors experience and estimation, there was no doubt that autism was in fact what we were dealing with.  So this means that we will engage in play therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy all the while praying for quick and significant progress.

We certainly appreciate your prayers as we walk down this road with Alex, for he is a wonderful joy and blessing to our family!  God is so very good and may He receive all the glory!


7 comments on “Update on our son Alex

  1. Dear Julie & Will… I need not remind you where we must take our trials and concerns! We will be praying for you sweet folks as you are taking care of little Alex and his needs. We are so blessed to be in an area that has so much to offer in the way of our medical needs! God will supply all of our needs! Be stong and be aware of the many arms that are around you at this time. God will carry you through this in His healing arms! We are here for you! You will never know how much you mean to us and thank you for “being there” in our times of sickness and trials! We love you! David & Sheila

  2. Dearest Will and Sweet Julie,
    I pray for your family always, but I will be praying for you all during this time. If I can be of help, please let me know.
    I love you all dearly and will be lifting Alex and all of you up in prayer. He is such a joy. He is so very precious. He is soooo cute! I will be praying! Thanks for all of your prayers for my family.

  3. Will and Julie and the rest of the clan,

    What comes immediately to mind is the verse from Scripture:

    “For verily I say unto you, That whatsoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and thou cast it into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.” Mark 11:23

    No I have no experience with developmental issues but I have enormous experience in faith, prayer and the workings of the Holy Spirit in many, actually all parts of my life. Envision this as an opportunity to see God being glorified in the life of Alex and the lives of the Toburen family. Know that the flock is praying for you and your family.

    In Christ,

  4. Dear Julie and Will:

    We just read your blog, Will, and learned of Alex’s diagnosis. It is much as we had surmised and we are especially pleased with the doctor’s positive assessment of the future. We will redouble our prayers for you all. Let us know if there is anything further we can do at this time.

    Joan & Bob

  5. Will, Veronica and I are praying for you, and admire your faith and courage. You inspire us.

    I enjoyed our time together today.

  6. Hey Will and Julie,

    We were there 4 years ago with Michael. He’s doing well (on his way to being indistinguishable too!) He is truly a testament to God’s faithfulness. Just know that we are on this journey with you.

  7. Will and Julie, my nephew, now 23, has autism/asperberger’s syndrome. Great you have a positive doctor. There is a place, the “I Can House” located either in WS or Lewisville. They offer activities and may can help guide you as you walk through this with Alex. My prayers are with you, Mary

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