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A Tragic Day in our History – January 22, 1973

January 22, 1973 is indeed a tragic day in the history of the United States.  It was on this day 38 years ago that abortion was legalized by the Supreme Court. From that date approximately 50 million abortions have been performed.  We must let that number sink in 50 MILLION.  50 million innocent lives have ended before taking their first breath.

Not only have millions of lives ended through legalized abortion, we mustn’t overlook the impact abortions have on the women who experience them.  The emotional baggage that many women carry is often never known.  Yet for many women it feels like a millstone constantly being carried around their neck.  Their decisions to abort often bring with them feelings of guilt, embarrasment, and shame.  And as if the emotional scars were not enough, many women carry the physical scars that are constant reminders of the decisions they’ve made.

So, what must we do as followers of Christ?  What should our response be?

  1. We must be gracious and remember the Gospel.  If we have never walked in the shoes of a family facing a crisis pregnancy we more than likely don’t see things the same.  It would be very easy for us to feel superior to the family, the unwed mother, or the woman who has aborted.  We must remember how Christ purchased us with his blood as we committed spiritual adultery.  We have no reason or place to feel superior.
  2. We must exhaust every legal and legislative option to end legalized abortion.  We need to work through the systems in place to let our voices and objections be heard.
  3. We must engage in and promote adoption locally and globally.  Adoption is a wonderful alternative to abortion.  As followers of Christ we recognize the adoption we’ve experienced through Jesus Christ.  Through faith in Christ we’ve become sons and daughters of God.  UNICEF estimates that there are 210 million orphans worldwide.  Christians have a tremendous testimony when we help bring these children into loving homes and model the spiritual adoption we have received.
  4. We must support our local crisis pregnancy centers.  For 7 years I had the privilege of serving on the Board of Salem Pregnancy Care Center.  Words can hardly express what a privilege it was.  This organization works with women and families who find themselves in crisis and who are open to help.  SPCC gives biblical counsel as they share the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  Through the generosity of many in our community SPCC is able to provide ultrasounds, clothing, diapers, formula, and much more.  They are also able to go into local schools and talk about the importance of abstinence until marriage.  We have a tremendous opportunity to walk beside SPCC and Davie Pregnancy Center volunteering our time, money and resources.
  5. We must pray! It will take a mighty movement of God for things to change.  But I am constantly reminded and convinced that nothing is too difficult for God!

May we be found faithful in both word and deed to value life in the same way our Heavenly Father does.


One comment on “A Tragic Day in our History – January 22, 1973

  1. Thank you for your article. Our Lord is the author of life and the decision maker for our time of death. Man needs to stay out of it! Three cheers for Davie Pregnancy and SPS centers. God bless your selfless efforts!

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