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The Gospel and Parenting

A couple of years ago I read a well written book by Tim Kimmel entitled Grace Based Parenting that really challenged me.  I was reminded that as a parent we should always seek wisdom regarding the influences in our childrens lives.  There is no doubt we need to be aware of the music they listen to, the friends they hang around with, the places they go, etc.  But more importantly we need to constantly remind ourselves that the battleground is not primarily over environments and influences…the battleground is their hearts.

In other words,  as parents we need to be asking ourselves, “Why do they listen to particular music?”, or “What is motivating them to spend time with those friends?”, or “What’s the desire behind wanting to go to that place or see that movie?”  Understanding their heart and motivations will help us have wisdom to discern what we should and shouldn’t allow our children to do.

One of the websites I frequent is The Gospel Coalition (www.thegospelcoalition.org) .  The site is a great resource as it deals with a variety of subjects and I would encourage you to save it as one of your favorites and frequent it.  Today there is an article entitled “Watch Your Conjunctions In Parenting: How Parents Can be Grace-Based While Insisting on Obedience” that I found particularly challenging.  It would be worth reading and reflecting on.


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