Thoughts on the North Carolina Marriage Amendment

On May 8, 2012, voters in North Carolina will cast their vote either “for” or “against” the proposed amendment to the constitution of North Carolina that defines marriage between a man and woman.  If approved, the proposed measure would amend the constitution by adding the following words: “Marriage between one man and one woman is […]

Finishing Strong

Finish Strong. These two words compromise the entire personal mission statement of my father.  In 8 days my dad will work his last day with Southeastern Freight Lines as the Sr. VP of Operations.  There is little doubt that he would say these last 23 years of his professional career have been a greater blessing […]

The Gospel and Parenting

A couple of years ago I read a well written book by Tim Kimmel entitled Grace Based Parenting that really challenged me.  I was reminded that as a parent we should always seek wisdom regarding the influences in our childrens lives.  There is no doubt we need to be aware of the music they listen to, the friends […]

Inside Out: Making Impossible Obedience Possible

I trust that you had a wonderful Easter Weekend last week as you celebrated our Risen Lord! Today, I want to begin a series entitled “Inside Out: Making Impossible Obedience Possible.”  We recognize the Scripture is full of commands by our Lord; commands that seem utterly impossible to fulfill.  So, how is it that we […]

Where is God when Earthquakes and Tsunamis Strike?

Over the last 10 days we have all been moved by the stories, pictures, and video of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan. Thousands of people have lost their lives, thousands more have lost all of their worldly possessions, and there continues to be tremendous uncertainty and unrest throughout the country. While watching these […]

Living Missionally in a Post-Christian World

Several Sunday’s ago we began painting a picture for you of the vision of our church.  As we talked about the desire to see every individual have a faith that is Personal, Growing, and Serving, we shared with you the framework that we would use to help us give direction to our ministry moving forward. […]

Core Value #6: Mercy Ministries

Can I ask you a couple of questions? How do you feel when you encounter someone on the street who is peddling for money? What do you think our response should be to the drug addict, the woman who sells herself to feed her family, or the person who walks up to you and asks […]